Circle of Learning with Elder Al Houston

SVNH will be hosting a circle of learning with Elder Al Houston on September 29th from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm over zoom.

Elder Al Houston identifies as Two-Spirit Ojibwe Cree.

Al is the President of the Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society and holds the position of Legacy Chief 19 & Legacy Chief 36, Silver Coyote, Chad Xix Blaze and Legacy Princess 39, Silver Cougar, Shelley Volanté.

Elder Al was separated from his family as a young child during the Residential School and 60's Scoop gross misconduct of the Canadian Government and did not get a chance to see his birth mother till the age of 14 when he was struck by a car and reading about the accident in a newspaper his mother came to visit him in the hospital, and they were reunited after almost a decade.

Elder Al continues to involve himself with the Indigenous Cultures, finding his own, and learning from various others, who have assisted to show him a better way to life.