SVNH has been offering community food programs for over ten years. Food – being so closely related to joy and culture – is integrated into each SVNH program and helps create a warm, welcoming environment for people to connect and participate. As a Good Food Organization, SVNH is dedicated to building health, belonging, and social justice through the power of food.

There is something for everyone here, whether you want to eat good food, make friends, grow your leadership skills, or learn something new! We offer a wide variety of programs, including newcomer community kitchens, gardening for youth and children, intercultural meals, grocery and meal support for seniors and families, and more.

SVNH also leads the South Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Network (SVNFN) and is an active member of the Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks that advocate for food equity and justice. As a network of community members, service providers, and organizations, we contribute towards a more diverse and resilient food system for empowered residents of South Vancouver by collaborating on advocacy, shared resources, and programming.


Cultural Buddy Chefs
Food Skills for Newcomer Youth
Mind Your Food
South Vancouver Community Food Hub