SVNH provides programs and services for older adults and seniors in partnership with the South Vancouver Seniors Hub. The Hub works within a networked service model that brings together seniors, community agencies, and different organizations to help engage and serve seniors. Seniors lead, govern, identify needs, and organize activities to meet those needs. Seniors gain confidence, socialize interculturally, learn new things, and create opportunities for isolated seniors. The network of partnerships has resulted in better coordination of services and activities. For more information on types of services, volunteer opportunities, and newsletters, please visit the Seniors Hub website

“I learn a lot as part of the Seniors Hub. Everyone has different experiences and I learn from them. I enjoy the exchange of knowledge and expertise.”

—Nelson Didulo, Chair of Seniors Hub Council


Better at Home – Grocery Shopping & Delivery
Better at Home – Light Housekeeping
Better at Home – Light Yardwork
Better at Home – Transportation Shuttle
Blood Pressure Clinic
Cook with Lucenda
Dance and Stretch
ESL for Seniors
Cantonese Seniors Wellness Group
Choose to Move
Community Lunch
English Conversation Circles
Information and Referral Services
Intercultural Craft Circle
Intermediate ESL for Seniors
IPhone or Ipad for Beginners Class
Mandarin Family and Friends Caregiver Support Group
Mandarin Wellness Group
Move, Groove and Improve (Moberley Arts Centre)
Safe Seniors Strong Communities – Frozen Meals Program
Safe Seniors Strong Communities – Prescription Delivery
Safe Seniors Strong Communities – Social Calls
Seniors Hub Council
Seniors Line Dance
Seniors Intercultural Wellness
Seniors Shindig
Seniors Sing-along Group in English
Seniors Tech Support
Seniors Volunteer Program
South Asian Men’s Wellness Group
South Asian Senior Women’s Wellness Group
T’ai Chi Exercise for Beginners