SVNH conveys its deepest condolences to Barbara Downs’ family and loved ones

It is with great sadness that we share that Barbara Downs, the second Executive Director of SVNH, passed away on May 28, 2020 in Vancouver. Barbara led the team for 15 years and made tremendous contributions during and after her time at SVNH. She was known to be a spirited, inspirational leader who cared deeply about community building and social justice. Barbara was passionate about establishing a new home for SVNH which she demonstrated through advocacy, raising money, and then passing the torch in 1996 to make room for a new leader.

Her dedication to the community in South Vancouver never ended. She left a generous bequest to SVNH that will go toward a new home for the South Vancouver Adult Day Program. We are thankful to Barbara for her leadership, generosity, and spirit. Her memory will always live on at SVNH!

The SVNH team conveys our deepest condolences to Barbara’s family and loved ones. To read more about Barbara’s life, you can read her obituary here.