The Alexandra Housing Society was incorporated in the fall of 1984 with a mandate to provide and maintain housing for persons of low income.

The Society entered into a contractual agreement with Canada Mortgage and Housing in December 1984 to construct a 24 unit housing project providing accommodation for low and moderate income families and individuals. Alexandra Place is located on East Broadway near Vancouver Tech Secondary School. The project has mixed subsidized and market-rate units.

In 1989, the Society entered into a second agreement with BC Housing Management Corporation to construct and maintain a 23-unit housing project to provide low income families with subsidized housing. This project, called the George Whiten Place, is adjacent to Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House.

Since their inception, the Society has been involved in the maintenance of the two housing projects. Terra Property Management oversees the daily operations of the projects and this has been an excellent arrangement.

Meetings are held semi-monthly at Association of Neighbourhood Houses of British Columbia on Main Street.  The current Chair of the Society is John Halani.

To apply for Housing:

  1. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
    Alexandra Housing Society 410 - 1669 E Broadway Vancouver, BC V5N 1V9
  2. State if you are interested in applying for either Alexandra Place (1 and 2 bedrooms) or George Whiten (2 – 4 bedrooms and no wheel chair access)
  3. As soon as Alexandra Housing receives your self-addressed, stamped envelope, an application form will be mailed.

For all property related issue, please contact property manager, Kateryna Filyus
Tel: 604-736-8775 ext 106
Fax: 604-736-8776