Honouring Ceremony – Gallery

On  June 1st South Vancouver Neighbourhood House held its first ever Honouring Ceremony.

Wrapped in the warmth of gratitude, we honoured dedicated participants, volunteers and partners whose efforts weave the fabric of our community through a Blanketing Ceremony with Knowledge Keepers Al Houston, Geraldine Lalonde, Travis Angus and Lorelei Hawkins.

Blanketing ceremonies are deeply rooted in Indigenous History. These ceremonies hold significant cultural and spiritual importance, serving as a way to honour individuals for their contributions, achievements, or simply their presence within the community.

This ceremony not only acknowledged the achievements of the you as an individual, but also reinforced the interconnectedness of the community and the importance of gratitude and reciprocity in Indigenous cultures.

We thank you, our staff, volunteers, neighbours and partners for a heartfelt night as we continue our path towards decolonization.

Event Photos taken by Stephanie, UX Marketing & Communications Coordinator | SVNH here

Event Photos taken by Ana, Ukranian Settlement Worker | SVNH here