About Us - Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

  • We are a volunteer driven, community service agency
  • Our mission is to make neighbourhoods better places to live.
  • Our goal is to enable people to enhance their lives and strengthen their communities
  • Our challenge is to work with communities to develop innovative programs and services that meet the changing needs of a diverse population.


As a Neighbourhood House, SVNH responds to the needs and aspirations of its community members by providing services, programs, special events, facilities and information to promote involvement and a spirit of community.  As a social service agency, SVNH responds to the concerns, problems and changing needs of the community through program development, advocacy and a continuing effort to improve the quality of family and neighbourhood life in a creative, caring way.


  • To identify, assess and address the needs of the community
  • To provide practical services and special events that will help individuals and families address their personal and social development needs
  • To encourage the involvement of volunteers and provide them with training and support; and to recognize their significant contributions to SVNH and the community
  • To cooperate with other agencies in the assessing of needs and development of programs where appropriate
  • To provide an environment in which staff may grow and develop, receive fair treatment, derive job satisfaction and work to achieve the objectives of the organization, other non-profit groups and organizations, to the extent that facilities, personnel, funds and other resources allow.

Our Statement of Diversity

  • We are children, youth, adults and seniors of all races, all religions, all cultures, all abilities, and all economic levels.
  • We speak many languages.
  • We are men and women of all sexual orientations.
  • We value diversity.
  • We endeavour to reflect the diversity of our neighbourhoods in our membership, our Boards of Management, our volunteers and our staff.
  • We respect all our neighbours
  • We expect that all who come to our Houses, all those who provide or receive our services will extend the same respect to all those they meet here.
  • Therefore, we will act to promote the inclusion of all in or Association and in our community. 

  We welcome all those in the LGBT2SQ communities.